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Hop On These Tips For A Great Easter Egg Hunt

Egg hunts are a traditional component of many people’s Easter celebrations. Children often delight in searching for eggs around the house or in the backyard. Egg hunts are so popular that they have become a component of many town-sponsored festivities. In fact, the White House hosts its annual Easter Egg Roll each year.

There are many ways to make Easter egg hunts more enjoyable and productive for participants of all ages. Try these “eggcellent” ideas.

• Designate a clear hunting area. Young children can grow frustrated searching for eggs in large areas. Set parameters for the search area that are manageable depending on the ages of the children participating. If you’ll be in a large yard or field, tape off the search area perimeter.

• Vary the prizes. Candy, candy and more candy seems to be the name of the game on Easter. But too many sweets can lead to stomach aches for young Easter celebrants. Instead, mix and match the prizes contained in the eggs. Candy can be in some, money in others, and perhaps small toys in a few eggs. Another clever idea is to mix the egg hunt with charades. Put charade prompts in some eggs so that kids have to act out what they read inside for added fun.

• Special privilege egg. Hide one egg that gives the finder the opportunity for a special honor. It may include getting the first slice of the holiday ham or being able to choose a movie that the entire family watches together after dinner.

• Label eggs for equity. When there are children across a wide range of ages, label the eggs with the children’s names or utilize a color-coded system to ensure that everyone has an equal shot at finding eggs.

• Keep a master list. It can be hard to remember where each egg is hidden, so keep a running list of where they are or take photos with a phone of the hiding spots. This way you’re not left to discover a chocolate-filled egg teeming with ants come summertime.

• Make custom baskets. Children will need something to carry their eggs. Prior to the egg hunt, let them decorate bags or baskets with Easter trinkets for custom creations.

Easter egg hunts are a time-honored tradition. The opportunities for fun are endless when families plan accordingly.

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