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Hawkins Path Elementary School Student Becomes Principal For A Day

Pictured: Hawkins Path Elementary School student Noah Torres Polanco as “principal” for the day.Middle Country Central School District

Hawkins Path Elementary School recently appointed first-grade student Noah Torres  Polanco as its “Principal for the Day.” Noah received the special designation in recognition of his outstanding fundraising efforts during the school’s annual fundraiser, the Hawkins Path PTA Booster-thon, raising an amazing $2,275.

Noah’s dedication and hard work during the fundraiser showcased his commitment to the Hawkins Path community. As principal, he wasted no time implementing exciting changes for the entire school—for that day, at least.

One of Noah’s first acts as principal was to declare a day of no homework for all students. This unexpected break brought smiles to the faces of his classmates and created a buzz of excitement throughout the school. Noah’s love for outdoor activities also led him to grant extra recess time for everyone, allowing students to enjoy the fresh air and engage in physical play. He also announced a school-wide pajama day!

Noah’s generosity and shrewd thinking as principal enabled his fellow first-graders to receive extra P.E. time. This additional opportunity for physical activity and fun was met with enthusiasm by students. Additionally, during his eventful day, Noah helped fifth-grade students hang up posters and read a storybook to his class.

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