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Harborfields High School Dance Club Inspires Next Generation Of Performers

Photo courtesy of Harborfields Central School District

In a heartwarming display of collaboration, the Harborfields High School Dance Club recently took center stage as they joined forces with the Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School cheer team to create a dance routine. The culmination of their efforts came to life during a December performance at a Harlem Wizards basketball game. The routine was choreographed by Ainsley Batsford, Amelia Freiberger and Clara Upston.

This year, the Dance Club worked closely with over 30 enthusiastic members of TJL’s cheer team. Beyond dancing, the collaborative sessions served as a platform for important discussions on commitment, healthy choices, positive decision-making and the value of camaraderie.

“Witnessing the older students from the Dance Club engaging with the younger TJL members has been a testament to the power of mentorship within our district,” Dance Club adviser Jackie Best said.

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