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Grant Funds New Learning Resources At All Seaford Schools

Photos courtesy of the Seaford School District

The Seaford School District welcomed New York State Sen. John Brooks on Oct. 13 to showcase some of the items that were purchased with an $835,000 state municipal grant that he awarded the district.

Grant Funds New Learning Resources At All Seaford Schools

Seaford Manor Elementary School students showcased the Cubelet robot kits they have as part of new STEAM materials that the grant funded.

Sen. Brooks visited Seaford Manor Elementary School, where he got to see students using STEAM materials. The hands-on tools include building components like Keva Planks and Magna Tiles, and digital tools including Bee-Bots, Bloxels, Cubelets, iPads and Spheros. All of the materials engage students in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, and foster collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Grant Funds New Learning Resources At All Seaford Schools

Music teacher Richard Adams led students in a special thank-you song.

Seaford Harbor Elementary School also received many of the same STEAM materials. Additionally, both schools received flexible furniture that is easy to move around to create different seating arrangements.

The grant funded furniture and materials for Seaford Middle School’s new wellness center as well as resources for the expanded Project Lead the Way program. At Seaford High School, the school now as additional STEM supplies for technology classes, a laser engraver, new equipment for chemistry and physics classes and more flexible furniture.

Grant Funds New Learning Resources At All Seaford Schools

Keva Plank are a new STEAM material that allow students to be creativity while exploring engineering.

Board of education trustees, central office administrators and principals and assistant principals for all four schools were in attendance for the grant showcase, which also featured a video presentation and musical performance by Manor students who sang a special thank-you song under the direction of Richard Adams.

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