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Gonzalez Celebrates Thomas Parham’s 100th Birthday

Suffolk County Legislator Sam Gonzalez recently presented Thomas Parham with a proclamation commemorating his 100th birthday at a celebration held at the New Jerusalem Baptist Church in Brentwood. Thomas Parham was born on May 14, 1921.

Thomas married his wife and together they had nine children, thirty-two grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Thomas loves to travel, especially to Florida, and enjoys watching baseball, basketball, and swimming on television.

In addition to being a devoted husband and father, Thomas is a WWII Veteran, who served in the U.S. Army from 1944 to 1946 as an Infantryman, as well as in the Ordinance Corps, Quarter Master and Fireman while in the military. Thomas is currently serving as a Deacon at the New Jerusalem Baptist Church in Brentwood.

Thomas is admired and respected by his family, friends and peers. His cheerfulness and consideration for others have made him a valued member of the New Jerusalem family and Brentwood community. He believes that keeping active, taking care of your health, spending time doing things you enjoy and being surrounded by the people you love, are the secrets to living a long, happy, fulfilling life.

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