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Furnish A Home For Comfort

The pandemic changed much about the way people live, including a propensity for spending more time at home. In 2020, people spent far less waking time, roughly an hour and a half less on average, with people outside of their own households.

Though restrictions that limited social interactions have long since been lifted, spending at home has remained popular. More than two-thirds of Americans are spending more time at home, according to the American Time Use Survey from the U.S. Department of Labor. Inflation and the looming threat of a possible recession are undoubtedly keeping more people at home. With all that extra time on their hands, respondents have been poring their energy into fixing up their homes. Lawns, kitchens and living rooms are popular spaces to renovate.

As people continue to fix up their homes, they may be interested in ways to make them more comfortable. Certain furnishings can ensure living spaces are comfortable places to pass the time.

Ensure an abundance of light. One stark overhead light will not create a cozy environment. Introduce groupings of illumination where you hope residents and guests will congregate to engage in conversation. Utilize different lighting sources, such as task lighting, table and floor lamps, recessed or ambient lighting, and even candles. Warm temperature light bulbs will add to that comfortable feeling.

Coordinate designs for each season. Crisp cotton and breezy linens are great for the warm weather, but when the colder temperatures arrive, it’s time to swap for flannel or jersey. Folded quilts or throws on the sofa also can be handy for chilly evenings. Make subtle changes to the home as the temperature changes to epitomize comfort in your spaces.

Splurge on your sofa and bed. Much time will be spent lounging on the couch or sleeping in your bed. It’s worthwhile to invest in pieces that are durable and, above all else, comfortable. While these items may be more expensive up front, the comfort they provide will be well worth it.

Soften harsh lines. Tricks like incorporating round area rugs or using oval or round pillows can break up the straight line of rooms and even modern furniture pieces. Opt for soft and inviting textiles as well. Textural elements, such as woven decor baskets, also can soften harsh lines.

Introduce organic elements. Home entertaining expert Julie Blanner says plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables bring life to a space. Choose easy care plants if you do not have a green thumb, or swap out freshly cut blooms in vases as pops of color and fresh elements are needed.

Utilize warm paint colors. Cool-toned paints can make a space seem colder and more utilitarian or clinical. When looking at swatches, select paints that have warm undertones. Eggshell and satin sheens will be more inviting and evoke a cozy feel more effectively than flat or matte finishes.

These are just a few ways to build a cozy and comfortable home. Working within these parameters, homeowners can customize their interior spaces to maximize comfort.

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