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Factors to Consider Before Booking a Holiday Wedding

Holidays are conducive to festive atmospheres. Whether it’s seasonal celebrations for Christmas or Chanukah or summertime soirees on Fourth of July or Labor Day weekends, there’s no denying festive vibes tend to prevail when holidays turn up on the calendar.

Weddings also are marked by festive atmospheres, and many couples are tempted to make their nuptials even more jovial by saying “I do” during holiday weekends. Before making that decision, couples may want to consider a host of factors as they try to determine if a holiday weekend wedding is for them.

Guest availability is a big consideration for couples as they try to decide if holiday weekend weddings are a good fit. Many families have holiday traditions that they might be reluctant to give up. For example, families who build their annual vacations around the Fourth of July may already have booked their trips by the time the wedding date is announced. Couples who anticipate inviting a sizable number of guests may want to avoid holiday weekend weddings to ensure all of their friends and family members will be in attendance.

Travel is another potential red flag for holiday weekend weddings. Asking guests to travel during weekends that are notoriously busy in regard to travel may be asking too much or it might make things more convenient for some guests. A 2019 report from the Transportation Security Administration indicated that nearly 27 million passengers were expected to pass through airport screening checkpoints during that year’s Thanksgiving travel period. Some guests may be reluctant to travel on busy holiday weekends, while others who are already traveling to the wedding destination may see holiday weddings as a great way to see their families and attend a wedding without having to pay for separate flights. In addition, some guests may be more likely to travel during a holiday weekend knowing they can return home at their leisure since they don’t have to work on Monday. Couples can gauge their guests’ temperatures on holiday weekend travel before making their decision.

Cost is always a consideration when planning a wedding, and it merits consideration for couples toying with the idea of getting married on or around a holiday as well. Venues tend to be less expensive on Fridays and Sundays, so couples who tie the knot on holiday weekends when no one has to work on Monday might save a considerable sum of money by tying the knot on Sunday. But venues and vendors may charge couples more if they get married on the Saturday of a holiday weekend. Competition for venues and vendors also may be greater during holiday weekends as people celebrate the holiday. That means couples may have to spend more to book their desired venues and vendors if they hope to get married during holiday weekends.

Couples must consider a host of factors as they try to determine if holiday weekend weddings are right for them.

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