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Eighth Graders Explore Family History

Photo courtesy of the Connetquot Central School District

An grant is allowing eighth graders at Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School to research their family history and put together the puzzle that makes them who they are today. Library media specialist Mairead McInnis secured the five-year grant through Ancestry Classroom.

“The students are researching their favorite topic, themselves,” McInnis said. “They are truly motivated to find out facts about their family history.”

Social studies teacher Robert Burger explained to the students that a preliminary interview with family members is essential in tracking family history. The students were first instructed to acquire as much family information as possible, including full names, birthdates and living locations. The students then gathered in the library media center and plugged their information into the site and gather information and photos of their family members.

“If you do a thorough interview with your family members, you will be able to tell a story.

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