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East Islip Theater Students Treated To Celebratory Parade

Sponsored by the school group East Islip Music and Arts Program Support, East Islip High School held a celebratory parade on May 29, recognizing the 95 students who were involved in the production of the school’s musical, “Into the Woods,” which was unable to be performed due to the pandemic.

Cast, crew and pit members were provided with a token of appreciation from eiMAPS for their hard work as they were led by the local fire department. The school’s music teachers sang the songs from “Into the Woods” as the students drove past in the car parade, calling out each student’s name and their role in the musical.

“There was not a dry eye after the evening’s event,” said Dr. Robert J. Wottawa II, the district’s director of art, ENL, music and world language. “I am so blessed to be surrounded by community members and teachers who love our students and program with all of their heart. I cannot that each of them enough for sharing their passion for our musical students.”

Photo courtesy of East Islip School District

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