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East Islip HS CORE Students Complete Course In Graphic Design

Photos courtesy of East Islip School District

East Islip High School’s CORE technology skills class, taught by James Connell, recently completed a 10-week program in graphic design, with students designing, creating and printing reusable advertisement posters for the school store.

After learning all about the basics of advertisement design, the students used various Google apps to make their creations. These activities culminated with printing out their posters using the large format poster printer, laminating them and installing grommets as a way to hang up and take down their posters when they are working within the store. Each student then had the opportunity to come up with their own poster design for personal use as a way to hone their newfound graphic design skills.

“I really enjoyed designing and creating my school store poster and can’t wait to hang it up the next time I’m working there,” student Anthony Agresta.

“This is the first year that I’ve taught the CORE technology skills class,” Connell said. “I wanted the students to be able to learn skills that they can apply to their work-based experiences in CORE. Since all of the students work at the school store during the week, the technology department figured that this would be a great way for them to contribute above and beyond their weekly work-related responsibilities.”

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