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East Islip High School Art Students Create Welcome Sign At New District Office Entrance

Photo courtesy of East Islip School District

After East Islip School District Art and Music Director Dr. Rob Wottawa met with art teacher Dan Figliozzi to plan a mural for the new district office, East Islip High School’s National Art Honor Society students designed a welcome sign that is reflective of the diverse student body. The languages selected where those of the district’s students and community members and will allow all members of the community to feel welcomed when they visit the district office. Over the course of several days, the image was projected on the wall, and the art students then painted the design using the school’s colors.

“Our students were thrilled to be adding to our new addition to the district office,” Dr. Wottawa said. “It was a great opportunity for our art students to share a welcome message that will be seen by all who visit our district office. This message will be cherished for many years to come and celebrates the various languages spoken in our community.”

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