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Earl L. Vandermeulen High School Earns Computer Science Distinction

Photo courtesy of the Port Jefferson School District

Port Jefferson’s Earl L. Vandermeulen High School has earned the College Board Advanced Placement Computer Science Female Diversity Award for achieving high female representation in AP Computer Science Principles. The school is among those who have expanded girls’ access in AP computer science courses.

“We’re excited to congratulate our female AP computer science students and teachers on this step toward gender parity in computer science education,” said Principal Mr. John Ruggero. “We’re honored that we have earned this distinction and look forward to seeing these young women and others pursue and achieve success in computer science education and careers.”

More than 1,100 institutions achieved either 50% or higher female representation in one of the two AP computer science courses or a percentage of the female computer science exam takers meeting or exceeding that of the school’s female population during the 2021-22 school year. In 2022, Earl L. Vandermeulen was one of 832 schools recognized in the category of AP Computer Science Principles.

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