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Deer Park ENL Students Connect For Groundhog Day

Photo courtesy of Deer Park School District

Seventh and eighth grade English as a New Language students from Christy Villalobos’ class at Deer Park’s Robert Frost Middle School recently visited John Quincy Adams Primary School to spend time with a group of younger ENL students for Groundhog Day.

The middle school ENL students began by reading the Natasha Wing book “The Night Before Groundhog Day.” Each of the middle schoolers read a different part of the story aloud to the elementary school students. Next, all of the students worked on a groundhog craft together. The middle schoolers were able to assist the younger students and talk to them about where they were from and what languages they speak. Some students even spoke together in their native languages together. Finally, the fun morning ended with a game of Groundhog Day bingo.

“It is so important to foster relationships between our ENL students throughout the district, and this yearly visit is a great way to do so,” JQA ENL teacher Maria Cacoperdo said.

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