Community News Continued


The Order of the Sons and Daughters of Italy, Constantino Brumidi Lodge N0. 2211 in Deer Park continues to be committed to its membership. Lodge President, Carmine Soldano states that “Due to the fact that our membership’s median age is approx. 65-70, we are sincerely concerned about their health and well-being and trying to help them stay safe and healthy in any way we can.” On Wednesday, April 1st, the lodge hosted a “Meals on Wheels” program for its members. Members were instructed to call the day before and place their meal orders. The following day, each member that placed an order was given a pickup time. The member was instructed to drive up to the Lodge’s exterior kitchen door. They were then given the number of hot meals they ordered and would then drive off. The program was well-received by members who were unable to cook or shop for themselves.

The lodge has also increased its communication methods. Members are sent frequent emails both informative and entertaining at times to keep them sane during long periods of isolation. They have also been instructed numerous times to monitor the lodge website, Lodge Facebook page, and listen to automated voice phone tree messages from officers of the lodge. Most importantly, they have been instructed to call one of the lodge officers should they have any problems or need anything during these unprecedented times.

The officers and members of the Constantino Brumidi Lodge send their prayers and best wishes to the communities of Deer Park and North Babylon and hope everyone stays safe and healthy during these tough times.


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