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Congressman Pete King Endorses Andrew Garbarino To Succeed Him In Congress

Congressman Pete King endorsed Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino to succeed him as the Representative for New York’s Second Congressional District. King stated, “I am delighted to announce my support for Andrew Garbarino to represent the good people of Long Island. These hardworking citizens need a strong advocate who will put their interests over politics and fight hard against the extreme progressive left policies of Congressional Democrats. That is what I have always done and I know Andrew will too.”

Through his many years of service in Congress, Pete King’s reputation has been one of an independent fighter who would challenge his party when it meant advocating for the best interests of his constituents. He also developed a reputation as one of the leading experts in Congress when it comes to homeland security and fighting terrorism. As a particularly egregious example of the Democrats being out of touch with middle class, suburban values, King pointed to the State Bail Reform Law that prevents law enforcement and judges from protecting citizens and allowing criminals back onto the streets. King called the law that the Democrats pushed through in Albany, “Absolutely disgraceful and dangerous.”

Assemblyman Garbarino responded to the news saying, “Of the many endorsements I have received, this one clearly means the most to me. Pete King is a giant in the Congress and running to succeed him is truly a humbling experience. Knowing that I have his endorsement is an overwhelming affirmation of my decision to make this run. I pledge to the people of the Second Congressional District that I will always endeavor to emulate Pete King as an independent fighter for their best interests and welfare.”

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