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Congratulations To Middle Country Central School District’s 11th And 12th Grade NYSCAME/SCMEA All-County Musicians

Middle Country Central School District’s Newfield High School and Centereach High School students recently showcased their musical talents at a concert held at Northport High School.

“We are incredibly proud of our student’s achievements; they truly embody the district’s commitment to fostering musical talent and providing enriching opportunities for its students,” said Dr. Diana Cook, Director of Music, Fine Arts, and Community Media Relations. “Congratulations to the All-County Musicians and their teachers, Tom Austin, Allison Bush, Dr. Harold Goldstein, Brian Hough, Dan Martinez, Joan Meichner and Greg Sevian!”

The students had a unique opportunity to rehearse and perform alongside other exceptional 11th and 12th-grade student musicians from across the county. Under the guidance of master conductors, they performed major masterworks, demonstrating their exceptional musical abilities.

Selection for this prestigious event was based on the students’ outstanding performances as soloists in the NYSSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival held in the spring of 2023. Their selection was also influenced by the strong recommendations of their music teachers, who recognized their talent and dedication to their craft.

Centereach HS

Shawn Edbert, French Horn, All-County Orchestra

Zachary Atkinson, Tenor 1, All-County Mixed Chorus

Yohani Chen, Flute, All-County Symphonic Band

Vincent Ferrara, Tenor 2, All-County Mixed Chorus

Ryan Bard, Tenor 1, All-County Mixed Chorus

Joelle Washington, Alto 1, All-County Mixed Chorus

Rowan Willis, Tenor 1, All-County Mixed Chorus

Newfield HS

Emma Geraci, Violin, All-County Orchestra

Addison Rothwell, Flute, All-County Symphonic Band

Alexander Yagud-Wolek, Tenor 2, All-County Mixed Chorus

Rebekah Giglio, Baritone Sax, All-County Symphonic Band

Jaidy Pagano, Soprano 2, All-County Treble Choir

Thomas Lasher, Euphonium, All-County Symphonic Band

For more information regarding the Middle Country Central School District and its students’ many achievements, please visit the District’s website:

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