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Clavin, Town Board Announce Economic Stimulus Plan to Help Workers Recover After COVID-19 Crisis – Pledge $40 Million Investment for Town Road Improvements!

As society adjusts to measures taken to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in New York and across the nation, including a full shutdown non-essential business across the state, Hempstead Town Supervisor Don Clavin and his colleagues on the Town Board are collaborating on strategies for future recovery efforts once the health crisis subsides in America’s largest township.

In an effort to get people back to work once it is safe to do so, Clavin announced a $40 million economic stimulus plan that will be utilized for roadway improvements across America’s largest township. With over 1,200 miles of roadways in the Town of Hempstead, Clavin said the $40 million investment could help workers recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, while enhancing quality-of-life and driver and pedestrian safety.

“The health and safety of the public is our priority, but it is also our duty to plan ahead for an uncertain future for so many residents once this pandemic subsides,” Clavin said. “We want to be proactive by helping our economy get back on its feet. One of the first steps we’re taking is by investing in our vast roadway network, which will help put people back to work and bring much-needed improvements to our infrastructure.”

Clavin’s economic stimulus plan was unanimously adopted at the March 31st meeting of the Hempstead Town Board.

“This major capital investment symbolizes a significant step toward economic recovery in America’s largest township as we face the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic together,” Clavin said. “I look forward to working along with my colleagues on the Town Board to unveil more plans to help our township rebuild from this health crisis.”

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