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Cereal Box Challenge Continues Across Sachem

Pictured: Students were excited, smiling from ear to ear, as the cereal boxes fell domino-style through the halls of Grundy.

Photos courtesy of the Sachem Central School District

Cereal box collections have continued into March in the Sachem Central School District. Grundy Avenue Elementary School is the most recent building to hold a cereal box drive to benefit local organizations. Students and staff collected 1,013 cereal boxes to distribute between the Lighthouse Mission, the pantry at St. John’s of Holbrook, the Sayville Soup Kitchen and the Calvary Chapel Island of Grace food pantry.

Cereal Box Challenge Continues Across Sachem

Grundy Avenue Elementary School students collected more than 1,000 cereal boxes to donate to local food pantries and organizations.

Before sending the donations off, Grundy Avenue Elementary School lined the boxes up through the hallways and into the cafeteria where they formed the shape of the letter “G.” The boxes were knocked down domino-style, symbolizing the chain reaction effect of kindness and helping others.

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