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Centerport Harbor Civic Association Introduces Harborfields High School Student Ambdassadors

Photo courtesy of Harborfields Central School District

Harborfields High School’s Student Ambassadors Alexis Ebanks and Charlotte Saylor, as well as alternate Ambassador Ryan Gilhuley, were introduced to the community at the Centerport Harbor Civic Association’s general meeting on Sept. 19, held at the Harborfields Public Library.

HHS Student Ambassadors: (from left): Centerport Harbor Civic Association Advisory Board members Alan Pearlman and Bob Lopez, CHCA Secretary Carol Zwielich, CHCA Advisory Board members Bob Berding and Mary Werner, Harborfields High School Student Ambassadors Charlotte Saylor, Alexis Ebanks and alternate Ambassador Ryan Gilhuley, CHCA President Anne Wesp, CHCA Treasurer Betsy Cambria, CHCA Vice President Judy White, CHCA Advisory Board member Dr. Catherine Knight.

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