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Accompsett Middle School Students Pitch In To Make A Difference

Pictured: From left, Madison Klimkoski, Callie Shao, Molly Hyland, Francesca Zins, Abigail Sacco, Sadie Messler and Julia Lucca

Photo courtesy of Smithtown CSD

Seven Accompsett Middle School students went to their classmates and encouraged their involvement to collect cans for those less fortunate, to provide canned food items for those in the community who are going hungry.

More than 2,000 cans of food donated and $2,500 raised.

Twice a year, the Lead4Change organization hosts TheLead4ChangeProject, which is a small grants program that showcases the growth of students as leaders and funds their ideas for community impact.

After collecting 2,384 cans, the students partnered with the Smithtown Township Food Pantry to donate all the cans they had collected.

Lead4Change then donated $2,500 to the pantry to help meet their needs as a community.

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