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A Purple Wave Of Kindness Spreads In Seaford

Pictured: Seventh graders Jovie Hartmann and sixth grade Gabe Peters shared some of the inspirational sticky notes that were place around the school.

Photos courtesy of the Seaford School District

The purple decorations around Seaford Middle School on Feb. 9 emphasized to students that they can have the greatest impact on their school climate. To mark P.S. I Love You Day, an initiative devoted to mental health awareness, there were purple balloons, chains and hearts filling the hallways as a visual reminder.

During A.S.K. advisory sessions the week prior, students learned about the history and meaning of P.S. I Love You Day, as well as actions they can take to spread kindness. Each student then wrote a positive message on a purple heart, which were hung throughout the building including on a kindness wall, outside the main office and in the center staircase. Members of the Service Club helped with the decorating.

A Purple Wave Of Kindness Spreads In Seaford

Seaford Middle School students helped spread kindness by filling a wall with purple hearts and positive messages for P.S. I Love You Day on Feb. 9.

Staff from the pupil personnel services department visited sixth grade classes to share a video about P.S. I Love You Day. They also discussed the negative impacts of spreading rumors, and students learned how words can be misinterpreted during a game of telephone.

On Feb. 9, students and staff were encouraged to wear purple, which is the color that symbolizes P.S. I Love You Day and the message of spreading kindness. The PPS department made sure everyone was included, as they placed sticky notes with positive messages around the school and wrote kind letters to teachers and staff.

“Mental health is incredibly important, so we’re bringing awareness to that,” said social worker Amanda Robilotto, who coordinated P.S. I Love You Day with support from her PPS colleagues. “We want students to understand the impact they have on the people around them, and we want that impact to be a positive one.”


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