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A Planetary Exploration At North Bellmore’s Park Avenue

Photos courtesy of the North Bellmore School District

Students got a full look at the Earth, and they only had to go as far as the gymnasium at Park Avenue Elementary School in the North Bellmore School District.

The 19-foot inflated globe, known as the Earth balloon, was set up on Nov. 28 and 29, and each class got a chance to visit to learn more about the world. Educators from Nassau BOCES, which presented the program, explained that the images of land and water were based on actual satellite photos.

A Planetary Exploration At North Bellmore’s Park Avenue

Park Avenue Elementary School third graders got to go inside the 19-foot inflated Earth balloon to learn about world geography on Nov. 29.

As they circled the globe, students learned about the seven continents, the five ocean and notable rivers, mountains and even manmade features like the Panama Canal. Then, children were invited to the inside of the balloon to get a look at the Earth from a different perspective and explore plate tectonics.

A Planetary Exploration At North Bellmore’s Park Avenue

Without even leaving their school, students were able to explore the entire world.

The lessons were tailored for each grade, and topics included animal habitats, rain forests and deserts, water conservation and the Earth’s place in the solar system. The Earth balloon program was presented in partnership with the Park Avenue PTA.

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