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4 Unique Products That Make Camping More Convenient And Fun

Perhaps no experience connects people with nature in quite the same way as camping. Various activities, including hiking, fishing and kayaking, afford people a chance to experience the great outdoors. But there’s just something about spending all day in nature and then sleeping under the stars that sets camping apart from other outdoor activities.

Modern campers use many of the same products that have been popular for decades if not longer to make their camping experiences enjoyable. Tents, compasses and cooking equipment are all as necessary today as they were years ago. But various unique products are now available to add a new twist to camping excursions without taking away the old school charm of spending a few days and nights in nature.

1. Foldable kayak: A foldable kayak is tailor-made for campers who love to go kayaking but don’t necessarily want to lug their kayaks around. Compact and easily packed, foldable kayaks are typically lightweight and some can even be checked on a plane. That’s ideal for campers who are flying to an exotic camping destination but don’t want to pay to rent a kayak.

2. Inflatable hammock: Comfort and camping don’t always go hand in hand. But inflatable hammocks allows campers to tote along a touch of backyard relaxation on their next camping trip. Inflatable hammocks are typically resistant to rips and tears and can be easily inflated. Some may remain inflated for as long as eight hours, which is more than enough time to catch an afternoon nap at the campsite.

3. Tree tent: Veteran campers know that finding flat ground on which to set up a tent is vital to a comfortable night’s rest. Such campers also know that flat ground isn’t alway so easy to find. Tree tents take flat ground out of the equation, making them an ideal accessory for campers who want to set up their campsites along the banks of rivers during canoeing and kayaking trips.

4. Portable pressurized shower: A portable pressurized shower can make it easy for campers to quickly wash dirt and sand off their bodies and keep their camping dishes clean. Portable pressurized showers can be refilled at nearby water sources, and are typically lightweight and easily inflated, making them a non-intrusive accessory to add to your camping supplies list.

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