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​The Incorporated Village of Northport New York State Senator James Gaughran

At a Village Board of Trustee meeting, the Incorporated Village of Northport in collaboration with New York State Senator James Gaughran announced the procurement of a $75,000 State and Municipal Facilities (SAM) grant, enabling the Village of Northport to begin re-construction of a community basketball court within Cow Harbor Park located in the heart of Northport Village.  

“With the help of NY State Senator Gaughran and his office, this project will be fully funded and will go from a dream on paper to reality for our community,” said Village Trustee Dave Weber, Jr.New York State Senator James Gaughran stated “I look forward to working with Trustee Weber and the Village Board in making this project a reality.  It is my hope that community children will find this an inviting and safe space while enjoying the beautiful surroundings Northport Village parks have to offer.”  

Alumni from the Northport High School 1995 Long Island Championship Boys Basketball team are taking their love of the game back to their community.  The vision of a beautiful, top-quality basketball court in downtown Cow Harbor Park was spearheaded by Doug Trani and Chris Wiebke along with the rest of the championship team.  Doug Trani on behalf of his 1995 teammates stated “I would like to thank Senator Gaughran for his incredible encouragement and the financial support of this project.  The revitalized basketball court in Cow Harbor Park will be a special place for children to develop through their love of basketball and by creating lasting friendships just like we did thirty years ago.”  They brought their idea to the Northport Village Board of Trustees and got the board ‘s immediate support.  The team hopes to pass along their passion for basketball, teammates and community to the next generation and maybe even to another championship team.

With the help of Eatons Neck Youth Club, a GoFundMe site was established which was well received by residents wanting to see this vision come to fruition. Additionally with the help of Senator Gaughran’s $75,000 SAM Grant as well as the donation from Eatons Neck Youth Club, Inc 501c3, construction of the community court will begin in early 2022.

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