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Our Long Island Community Newspapers founded by Long Island Media Group bring the best of local news, marketing and promotions delivered right to our customers mailbox. Why? Because all of our publications are mailed directly to the consumer. This is a big advantage because we guarantee delivery of our Long Island Community Newspapers.

If you have been searching for advertising opportunities one of our Long Island Community Newspapers may be just what you have been searching for.

We publish South Bay’s Neighbor, Neighbor Newspapers and Seasons Magazine which are all hand delivered via mailbox. You know that your advertisement will be received because it is placed in resident’s mailboxes and are happily anticipated.

Since 1953 we have been blessed with bringing our communities together for family, corporate and other types of events. We have kept our residents informed with up-to-date news regarding community events, politics, plentiful advertisements, games and contests. Over the years we have found that consumers prefer to buy local and use local service providers. We have priced our advertising accordingly and will continue to do so.

Our Long Island Community Newspapers offer 26 total editions and feature community news, service directory and more. Our Seasons magazine is mailed for the four seasons with one additional holiday issue making its total 5.

If you would like to advertise in one of our Long Island Community Newspapers, please call directly to 631-226-2636. We are conveniently located on Broadhollow Road in the heart of Farmingdale, New York.

We are proud to announce our newest addition to our group: digital marketing. For more information about our new endeavor, please simply click on the attached link There, you will see some of the advertising for services we have currently running digitally.

With over 68 years in the news business, we found that we know what our consumer want, appreciate and take advantage of. We have a tremendous following. We also offer different areas of distribution that can offer you the ability to stay local in your advertising. Choose the locations that suit your needs best.

For more information you can click on the above link or call us directly at 631-226-2636. Our Long Island Community Newspapers can truly help you build your business.

We also offer printing services at Long Island Media Group. Whether you are a realtor looking to print postcards, in the hospitality industry and are searching for menu printing or flyers, are a local company that has been looking to print flyers or are a corporate or are looking for donations for a charity, call us for assistance in print design, to place an order or inquire within.

When it comes to your local community, trust your promotion of your service or product to Long Island Media Group and one of our hand delivered Long Island Community Newspapers. You will be happy you did! Call us today at 631-226-2636 for pricing, area of distribution or assistance by our graphic design team.