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Timothy Hill’s Unplugged Women’s Retreat: Refreshing Women of God!

Timothy Hill’s Unplugged Women’s Retreat is an all-inclusive retreat that offers a refreshing three-night getaway at The Retreat at Center Hill Lake in Smithville, Tennessee. This retreat will last from Thursday, February 21, 2019 through Sunday, February 24, 2019. Planned with intentionality and purpose, they hope that this stay with them will provide you with the opportunity to unplug from the everyday stresses of life and find time to connect with other women in a relaxing and encouraging atmosphere.

Nationally known speaker, Gaye Goad, will lead four sessions over the weekend to minister to the hearts of women in a powerful and motivating manner. Gaye’s daughter Bre, a recent Dove Awards winner for Songwriter of the Year, will be joining Gaye as she fosters an atmosphere of love, trust and influence, bringing an authentic message of empowerment for every woman.

Women will have the opportunity to enjoy morning sessions of yoga and meditation, serene hiking trails, complimentary massages throughout the weekend and captivating lakeside views that provide a beautiful backdrop of the Tennessee plateau. Guests can find time to unwind with campfire conversations and enjoy seasonal pastries at their Redbud Coffee House, featuring coffee from Nicaragua roasted by the Red Oak Coffee Company!

Register at or call 615-597-4298 for more information!

Book by January 21st and save $100!

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