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Supervisor Romaine and Councilwoman Bonner Announce Oyster Planting in North Shore Harbors

On September 10, Supervisor Ed Romaine (left) and Councilwoman Jane Bonner (center) joined staff from the Town’s Division of Environmental Protection as they prepared to plant 14,000 mature oysters in harbors along the north shore of Brookhaven Town. The planting is part of the Town’s oyster and clam restoration program designed to increase the population in our bays and harbors. Oysters are a natural way to clean our waterways, as each mature oyster can filter as much as 50 gallons of water a day. In addition, oysters provide shoreline protection, sediment stabilization, and habitats for other organisms.

Supervisor Ed Romaine said, “We need to reverse the damage done by years of over-harvesting, neglect and pollutants. Working with our Division of Environmental Protection and other environmental organizations, we have established a natural plan to do whatever is needed to preserve our waterways for years to come.”

Councilwoman Bonner said, “Our oyster and clam restoration program helps to preserve marine life and protect our fragile environment. We have so many miles of shoreline in Brookhaven that need attention, and I will continue to support the Town’s efforts to protect and preserve them for as long as it takes to get the job done.” 

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