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Students Become Published Authors

North Babylon’s William E. DeLuca Jr. Elementary School students of Ms. Jodi Rebholz’s kindergarten class were all smiles on June 19, as they returned to their classroom and were surprised with the arrival of the books they recently published.

Through a national student publishing program, all 24 students are now published authors after working collaboratively for eight weeks on crafting a book, which they’ve titled “Big Dreams by Little People.” They wrote and illustrated their own pages that described their dreams and goals for the future.

Ms. Rebholz and their parents organized a publishing party and surprised the students with the arrival of their books. They all got up in front of the class and read their pages to their classmates.

This idea came from the students after they began learning about the writing process. With that, they then researched, planned and contacted different publishing companies to find the one they would select. Students experienced firsthand what the publishing process is like by writing up drafts, revising, editing and finalizing their stories.

They enjoyed working together on their book and are proud of their accomplishment. 

Photos courtesy of North Babylon Public Schools

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