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Smyth’s Bicycle Recycle Drive a Huge Success

Councilman Ed Smyth partnered with Brett’s Bicycle Recycle to host a Bicycle Donation Drive at American Legion Post 360 on Saturday, September 21st. Lisa Karrer and Deborah Porretto – founders of the non-profit organization – have dedicated their time to giving back to the community that gave them so much after the passing of Lisa’s brother, Brett, in a tragic motorcycle accident.

Bicycles, tricycles, scooters, skateboards and other gear such as helmets and pads are collected and then repaired and donated back into the Huntington community for underserved children, teens and adults who may be in need. Lisa and Deborah emphasize that riding is freedom, and how important it is to be aware of bicycles and motorcycles on the road.

The response from the community on Saturday was overwhelming. Bikes were received in every condition imaginable – some brand new, some missing handlebars or seats. Those deemed unserviceable will be dismantled for individual parts. Over 110 bicycles were collected including helmets and other protective gear.

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