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If you have been searching for a local Smithtown Newspaper, consider the Neighbor Newspapers. This is a Suffolk County 100 % mailed circulation newspaper that can offer your current news, advertisements, events, scheduled charity benefits and so much more. They provide educational articles, science, inspirational columns and editorials. They can help you to plan a weekend and learn about current events. This Smithtown Newspaper now offers news ways in which to deliver information. If you have been searching for a local newspaper to advertise your business, service or event, now Neighbor Newspapers offers digital marketing and text message marketing.

Two new ways to reach your target customers. For over 65 years, Neighbor Newspapers has been offering print and deliver advertising. This is where your ad is in print and delivered to home across Long Island. You can choose your target area and zones. In addition, now with digital marketing you can potentially reach many more prospective clients. For more information regarding these new platforms, you can simply click on the attached link 

For personalized service, you may call directly to 631 226-2636. There a representative can answer any questions you may have regarding this local Smithtown Newspaper and help you to choose which platform will serve your needs best. In addition, know that they will be coming out with their “Seasons” special edition soon for the holiday season. You may want to ask about advertising there as well. With over 65 years in this business, it sure says a lot about the integrity of this homegrown newspaper.

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