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Shoppers’ Guide To Presidents’ Day Sales

On the third Monday in February, Americans stop to remember the contributions of the many great leaders who have served as President of the United States. Certain Presidents’ Day traditions have developed over the years, including an opportunity for shoppers to find great deals on a host of items.


Originally established in 1885 to recognize President George Washington, the day we now know as Presidents’ Day was then known as Washington’s Birthday and was traditionally celebrated on February 22. The holiday became known as Presidents’ Day after it was moved to the third Monday in accordance with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which enabled the nation’s workers to enjoy more three-day weekends. In addition, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act served as a way to combine the celebration of Washington’s birthday and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, which is February 12.


In addition to serving as a chance to celebrate and reflect on the contributions of our nation’s past presidents, Presidents’ Day has emerged as a day to rest and shop. Stores across the country advertise special prices to tie into the day and capitalize on the three-day weekend. For many retailers, Presidents’ Day is the first major sales opportunity of the new year. The following are some ways shoppers can capitalize on Presidents’ Day sales.


  • Stock up on winter apparel. Now is the time to enjoy deep discounts on winter apparel. Purchase clothing, coats and boots that your family can wear next year. Parents can estimate sizes for growing children. Discounts on winter apparel as winter winds down may be as high as 70 percent, meaning savvy shoppers can save substantial amounts of money.


  • Score big on big-ticket items. Appliances may go on sale at steep discounts on Presidents’ Day. Shoppers who need new appliances for their kitchens may find Presidents’ Day sales have what they need at the prices they want to pay. Save even more on big-ticket items by using cash-back or points balances on credits cards to lower out-of-pocket costs even further.


  • Shop around for electronics. Computers, laptops and many different electronic devices go on sale on Presidents’ Day. Compare and contrast items you have had your eyes on for some time, determining regular prices for each item. Knowing the regular prices and sale prices will help you determine if the Presidents’ Day sale price is a good deal.


  • Don’t overlook deals on automobiles. Certain holidays, such as Presidents’ Day, provide opportunities for consumers to find great deals on new vehicles. That’s because sales tend to be slow in February. Scout out the deals being offered on the car or truck you want. Sales personnel may be more open to negotiations if it will close the sale.


Presidents’ Day is, first a foremost, a chance to reflect and honor past presidents. But it also is a day for shoppers to find great deals on a host of items.

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