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Seaford senior immersed in literature and college life

A lover of literature, Seaford High School senior Jacqueline Galison spent two weeks of her summer vacation at Harvard University, in which she took a course through the Pre-College Program. Jacqueline enrolled in Heroes, Lovers, Villains, Fools: Archetypes and Modern Culture, a class that fit a semester’s worth of learning in 10 days.

The program was open to students from throughout the world, and Jacqueline was able to make new friends from the United States and abroad. It was an exciting opportunity for the prospective international relations or public policy major when she goes to college next year. She was also one of fewer than 600 students accepted into the program from about 10,000 applicants.

The course analyzed archetypes, or single characters, that seem to reappear throughout history. In her final presentation for the class, Jacqueline explored the archetype of the revolutionary, and drew distinctions between sub-types within that tradition. She provided examples from Shakespeare, musical theater and contemporary fantasy.

Jacqueline was able to live in college housing, and said the experience has helped prepare her for the transition to college.

An integral part of the summer program is the Pre-College Passport, in which participants must attend two events of their choosing in each of four areas: academic exploration, college readiness, social events and trips and activities. Among Jacqueline’s eight activities were a visit to an art museum, a class on populism, a college fair and a trivia night, among others. The passport program is designed to help future college students experience life outside of the classroom.

Photo caption: Seaford High School senior Jacqueline Galison, joined by Principal Scott Bersin and Assistant Principal Jennifer Bisulca, completed the summer Pre-College Program at Harvard University.

Photo courtesy Seaford School District

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