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School News Long Island

If you have been searching for the best way to advertise your School News Long Island, you have found it in Neighbor Newspapers. This is a south shore newspaper that has been bringing school news to each homeowner for over 65 years.

They provide 100% mailed circulation which means that your event, homecoming, football season, literary awards and scholastic achievements can be advertised and read by every homeowner in the zone of your choosing. It just makes good sense to advertise where you will get the most bang for your buck. With School News Long Island, you can advertise for upcoming events as well. There are 26 local editions weekly. They also offer digital marketing and other forms of advertising that may also help with your advertising. For more information regarding that, please simply click on the attached link There you will find different options for advertising that Neighbor Newspapers offers. 

School News Long Island is important. Not only does it provide information to the public, it can also be used to congratulate, announce and encourage students. So, before you look into other options that are available, stick with Neighbor Newspapers as they are going to feature your ad in neighborhoods that you serve. Call today and speak with a representative by dialing directly to 631 226-2636. Also, check out the website for special editions of Neighbor Newspapers “Seasonal” editions. Those a special editions that only come out a few times year, but readers look forward to receiving. 

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