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Recycling Efforts

West Islip’s Oquenock Elementary School displayed a commitment to the environment throughout the school year, kicking off with an assembly featuring Town of Islip recycling educator Danielle Wynn, who discussed the importance of waste reduction and recycling with the students, followed by the implementation of a schoolwide paper recycling program led by the students.

In every classroom, the children learned to separate their paper waste to be recycled, with custodian Brian Malone ensuring that the program ran smoothly. When the classroom paper recycling bins became full, the students were responsible for bringing their bins to a central dumping location in the school to empty them out. Malone then weighed the paper to record how much was being recycled and emptied it into the school paper recycling container. For the year, the Oquenock students recycled half a ton of paper.

In addition to recycling paper, Oquenock also participated in the annual New York Recycles poster contest held by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and the students recycled their empty cans and bottles. The school PTA’s Green Team collected and recycled over 3,500 cans and bottles, earning $175 for use in furthering the school’s recycling efforts.

Through their participation in recycling, Oquenock’s students are being educated on the value of caring for their community and the environment, teaching them to be responsible citizens.

Photo courtesy of: West Islip School District

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