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RCK Selects Superb Science Fair Winners

Young scientists at East Islip’s Ruth C. Kinney Elementary School put on their thinking caps to concoct an exciting array of projects for the school’s annual fourth-grade science fair.


Charlotte Galli was the winner for her project “My Dog Ate My Homework.” Jacob Crowell was the runner-up for his work on “Fortnite Brain Rot,” while Kate Habel (“Is Your Dog’s Mouth Cleaner than Yours?” and Juliana Schmidt (“Are Your Hands Clean?”) earned honorable mention.


Galli will represent RCK at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Elementary Science Fair Competition, held on May 4 at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton.


From left: Kate Habel, Juliana Schmidt, Jacob Crowell, Charlotte Galli, Principal Janet Jones.


Photo courtesy of the East Islip School District



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