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Port Jefferson Cashier at Stop & Shop Will Bag Groceries at the Speed of Light in Preparation for NY Best Bagger Competition

If you’ve ever gotten home from the supermarket and had broken eggs or bruised bananas, you know that bad bagging can be a common problem. But, not all baggers are bad and that will be very evident on Saturday, September 21, when 14 contestants from grocery stores across New York State compete in the New York State Best Bagger Finals at Stop & Shop in Poughkeepsie. The winner will represent New York State at the National Championship as part of the National Grocers Association 2019 NGA Show in Las Vegas. Josephine Gruposso of Port Jefferson Station will be one of these competitors along with fellow Stop & Shop colleague Joanne Chapman of Poughkeepsie.

 Josephine, a 36 year-old Front End Manager has been with Stop & Shop since 2008. A single parent, Josephine has competed in the competition once before. “There are things you learn.  You always need to bag cold and frozen items together and use the boxing technique – keep the bag expanded with boxes and place items in the middle.”

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