Poets' Corner

I Have Too Many Cats

By: Gail Apple Gardner


I have too many cats
this is true
took another one in
when I knew

That my husband would
really be mad
so I tried to force tears
and look sad

First he said no
but then he said yes
he knows me
I easily stress

I know it’s not right
I am wrong
tried to sell him
a dance and a song

But deep down
he’s a softy like me
had a feeling
that he would agree

So now we have
Molly, that’s eight
she’s with all her siblings
that’s great

Actually we really
have ten
two in the Florida room
near our den

This is it, I swore to Bob
not one more cat
I hope I can keep my word
on that

I think I can
but one never knows
if a kitten comes my way
anything goes

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Poets' Corner
Poets' Corner