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Northwest Students Make Personal Connections With Veterans

To foster an appreciation for the men and women who served their nation, local veterans spoke to students at Northwest Elementary School in the Amityville Union Free School District on Nov. 9.

Veterans and spouses visited first-, second- and third-grade classes to share stories, experiences and photos. The school partnered with American Legion Hunter Squire Jackson Post 1218 in Amityville. Guests included veterans Lenore Braithwaite, Bob Jones and Yvette Nosworthy, as well as Jaculynne Jackson who spoke about her husband who was a medic during the Vietnam War.

Classes presented gifts to the special guests, such as Franca Adams’ second-graders who made a large thank-you card out of red and blue construction paper. Instructional Coach Abbey Hunter said many of the students may not have met a veteran before, and this was an opportunity to give them an understanding of the sacrifice made by citizens who join the military and defend their country.


Photo Captions:

1: Veterans Lenore Braithwaite and Bob Jones greeted third-graders at Northwest Elementary School on Nov. 9 during a program to educate students about the contributions made by veterans.

2: Yvette Nosworthy showed second-graders pictures from her military service.

3: Jaculynne Jackson, whose husband served in the military, read first-graders a book about the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall.


Photos courtesy Amityville Union Free School DistrictNorthwest Students Make Personal Connections With Veterans Northwest Students Make Personal Connections With Veterans

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