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New York State Troopers Honor Two Of Northwell’s Finest

Ronda Gross, RN, MSN, vice president of Northwell NetworkCare and Mark Jarrett, MD, SVP, chief quality officer for Northwell Health, have each received the Doctor Chandler award from the New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Association (PBA), in recognition of their outstanding medical expertise and development of the highest level of care for New York State Troopers and their families. 

Both Ms. Gross and Dr. Jarrett have worked with the State Trooper Surgeons, a division of the official union of New York State Troopers – the NYS Troopers PBA, for several years. They have each played a direct role in the creation of the PBA’s Statewide Health Care Navigation Service, providing necessary assistance, to some 15,000 Troopers and their family members. In doing so, both Ms. Gross and Dr. Jarrett have protected those who protect the people of New York. 

Ronda Gross, who serves as a medical liaison to the medical care team, has played a direct role in guiding access to care for many NYS Troopers. Her relationship with the New York State Troopers began in September of 2015 when she was asked to initiate a referral relationship with their organization. In response to that request, Ms. Gross created the NYS Troopers and PBA Hotline a dedicated line to the clinical care team of Northwell registered nurses available 24/7 to assist New York State Troopers. NYS Trooper Sergeant John Antonelli  serves as an example of this collaborative relationship. After sustaining critical injuries in the line of duty, Sgt. Antonelli underwent several complex surgeries at Lenox Hill Hospital.  From the beginning of his health crisis, Ms. Gross and her team took the lead in organizing his hospital stay, scheduling his medical appointments and surgeries, even participated in a Trooper escort upon discharge. It was thanks to the ongoing collaboration of each team involved in his care that, Sgt. Antonelli was able to leave the hospital after five days of inpatient care on his own to continue his recovery at home.

“In health care we’re here to serve, much like the New York State Troopers protect and serve,” said Ronda. Gross. “Receiving this award is an honor that validates what we do every day at Northwell NetworkCare, providing the best possible care for everyone.”

Dr. Mark Jarrett, who served as a Trooper Surgeon for the past four years,  is now a chief medical administrator on the advisory board of the State Trooper Surgeons program.  In this capacity, Dr. Jarrett was instrumental in developing a transport system for Troopers in need,  either moving them from one health system location to another or bringing them home following hospitalization.  In addition, Dr. Jarrett has also served on the NYS Troopers business leadership committee.

“We are honored to receive this award from the NYS Troopers PBA,” said Dr. Jarrett, “The opportunity to help those who serve and their families is our reward.”

“Northwell Health continues to be a stellar option for many of our NYS Troopers and we sincerely appreciate the relationships we have built with Ronda Gross and Dr. Mark Jarrett,” said Michael Brooks, Director of Medical Operations for the State Trooper Surgeons Program. “They have both played an invaluable role in developing key communication protocols for our healthcare navigation program, helping patients gain access to the right care at the right time. We are grateful to have this opportunity to say thank you and recognize their efforts.”

The Dr. Chandler Award is named for George Fletcher Chandler, a surgeon who organized the New York State Police in 1917 and served as its first Superintendent.

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