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New York Cancer Foundation Celebrates Advances in Cancer Treatment

“Raising Hope for NY Cancer Patients”

Photo Caption: Dr. Jeff Vacirca, CEO of New York Cancer & Blood Specialists (L), recently honored Co-Founder & CEO of Flatiron Health Nat Turner for his contributions to cancer care at the New York Cancer Foundation’s Raising Hope Gala in Mattituck, NY.

The non-profit New York Cancer Foundation recently honored Co-Founder & CEO of Flatiron Health Nat Turner for his organization’s efforts to improve the lives of cancer patients during the inaugural Raising Hope Gala on Long Island. 

This newly established gala seeks to raise funds for cancer patients experiencing extreme financial stresses. The inaugural gala event attendees were very generous and generated significant funding for people in the greater metro area undergoing cancer treatment. 

Turner’s company, Flatiron, is dedicated to improving the quality of care through shared technology. “My cousin’s battle against leukemia had a profound impact on me which help inspired the creation of Flatiron Health,” said Nat Turner. 

“Nat and his company are responsible for improving the care of thousands of patients. They provide better access to care and use technology to find clinical trials with cutting edge pharmaceuticals,” said Dr. Jeff Vacirca, CEO of the New York Cancer & Blood Specialists and Board President of the NY Cancer Foundation.

This noteworthy innovation in cancer patient treatment deserves to be recognized and lauded by those of us dedicated to eradicating cancer in this lifetime.    

The New York Cancer Foundation was established in 2014 by Dr. Vacirca, who acts as board president. The Foundation provides cancer patients with grants to alleviate their everyday financial burdens, covering expenses like mortgage payments, transportation, and utilities, to name just a few. The New York Cancer & Blood Specialists’ physicians and staff contribute to the Foundation, which has helped hundreds of patients. 

About the New York Cancer Foundation

The New York Cancer Foundation has been awarding grants to qualifying patients in the Greater New York Metro Area undergoing cancer treatment. The Foundation’s goal is to relieve some of the financial burden patients face so they may focus on their treatment and healing.

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