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New Private School, Acton Academy, opens on Long Island in September 2019!

There will be a new option for alternative education this fall in Center Moriches, NY. Enrolling Grades 1-9 this year and K-12 for the 2020-2021 school year, Acton Academy Eastern Long Island promises a very unique educational experience at an affordable price.

Unlike other private schools that set out to make the traditional school model better, Acton has created an entirely new model of education. Termed a learner-driven community, there are key ways that the model serves students in a unique and innovative way.

 1.     Using adaptive online technology, core skills (math, writing and reading) are differentiated for each student. Because it is streamlined and individualized, core skills take up only a fraction of the day.

2.     A bigger part of the day is spent on hands-on, project-based Quests, which run for six week sessions. Quests integrate all of the academic disciplines and present real-world problems that students work on together. They showcase their knowledge at exhibitions at the end of each Quest.

3.     Modeling the Harvard Business School Case Method, Socratic discussions occur twice a day. When faced with a real-world challenge, students engage in discussions that hone critical thinking skills as well as persuasive and public speaking skills.

4.     Each studio (i.e. classroom) is run by contracts and covenants that students themselves create at the beginning of the year. Disciplinary action, Honor Code rulebooks and other rules of engagement are predetermined as a group, created by students and led by students.

5.     Work at Acton is tracked without report cards and tests, but through a Badge and Points system for skill sets completed. This is easily converted to a traditional transcript and is augmented with a portfolio of completed Quests.

Perhaps the most unique thing about Acton lies in the philosophy that every student that enters its doors is considered a genius. Every single person has unique gifts and talents, and Acton sets out to help every child find their passion and calling in life.

At the Center Moriches campus, there will be a strong mindfulness component. Guiding children to effectively deal with their emotions, self-regulation, as well as a daily gratitude and meditation practice. The cost for tuition is $10,500, making it an affordable option for many in the community. 

The original Acton Academy opened its doors in Austin, Texas in 2009 by two parents, Laura and Jeff Sandefer, who wanted something better for their children. Jeff Sandefer, Harvard Business school graduate and founder of the Acton School of Business, had great vision together with his wife Laura those ten years ago.

In the past few years, Acton has become a global movement, with over 100 Acton’s operating today and another 50 set to open in the next 18 months. Most are started by parents as an affiliate of the Acton brand. 

Andrea Libutti, MD is the founding Head of School for Acton Academy Eastern Long Island. Her three sons are the catalyst behind her decision to plunge into education.

“I got tired of seeing my sons face-planted on the couch each morning begging me not to send them to school. They were increasingly bored and discontent and I began seeing the light go dim in their eyes. I didn’t know what I was going to do but I knew I had to do something. Finding Acton Academy was an incredible option,” states Andrea.

Andrea is currently a part-time practicing emergency physician at Eastern Long Island Hospital, and is employed by SUNY Stony Brook. She is also the author of two books “Awakened by Autism” (Hay House, 2015) and “Autism: A New Perspective” (KDP, 2019). She hopes to integrate children with special needs in the coming years as her eldest son has autism and she believes this model will serve these children well.

To learn more about Acton Academy Eastern Long Island please contact:

Andrea Libutti, MD

PO Box 439

Remsenburg, N.Y.  11960

(917) 304-3791

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