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There are many Nassau County Newspapers, but none like the Neighbor Newspapers. This is a local newspaper that provides local residents with information that pertains to where they reside. It gives them the information they need so they can go about their day confident and aware. There are articles regarding school, education in general, science, special causes, local merchants advertising and inspirational messages. This is one of the only newspapers with guaranteed circulation because they actually mail their editions to each home. With most Nassau County Newspapers, they are filled with information regarding Queens and New York City.

How does that make you more aware of local happenings? Neighbor Newspapers can advise you of social gatherings, special causes, local businesses special sales, local weather and so much more. If you don’t already get the Neighbor Newspapers, call today and ask to be put on their mailing list.

If you are interested in advertising in the Neighbor Newspapers, you may call and speak with a representative at 631 226-2636. There, they can assist you with information regarding size of your ad, content, placement and regional area you would like to target. There are many choices in how you wish to advertise as well. There is print, digital marketing, text message marketing and so much more. When it comes to advertising in Nassau County Newspapers it is a smart choice to choose Neighbor Newspapers. You may also click on the attached link to learn more With 65 years in the business, they must be doing it right!

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