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Manor Students Explore The West

Seaford Manor Elementary School fifth-graders took a trip back in time as they explored the westward expansion of the United States. Using their classroom laptops, they accessed online educational resources to learn more about different topics such as the gold rush, the Louisiana Purchase, the Oregon Trail and the impact on Native Americans.

Students created artifacts that depicted the tools used during the time period. They also searched for images that best illustrated their topics, and, using green screen technology, integrated these photos with their own pictures to make the children look like they actually lived in the 1800s.

During the last week of December, students displayed their projects and invited their peers from other classes to stop in and learn more.

Photos courtesy of the Seaford School District

Fifth-graders, from left, Valerie Martin, Samantha Sinclair and Meghan Stovall made a replica of a wagon used to traverse the Oregon trail.

Manor Students Explore The West



Autumn Feitzinger, Brendan Gough and Ryan Falta, right, shared their knowledge of the Louisiana Purchase.


Manor Students Explore The West



Seaford Manor Elementary School fifth-grader Spencer Richko, left, demonstrated a cradle he made to find gold, resembling ones from the California gold rush.

Manor Students Explore The West

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