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School Launches Program with Assistance from Student Leaders


Students and staff at Jefferson Academic Center (JAC) recently launched a program to strengthen ties to the four pillars of the school – commitment, community, respect and responsibility. To begin this program, every student received a new school t-shirt, which they wore to an assembly where a magician performed while speaking about good decision making. After the presentation, the newest members of the school’s Student Staff Organization were inducted into the club by the administration. JAC is an Eastern Suffolk BOCES school that provides special education services to middle school-aged students with special needs.

The Student Staff Organization developed the idea of the student body as a whole reaffirming its focus on good values and character. “This is a theme we are going to come back to throughout the year,” explained Christian Scott, social worker at the school and member of the Student Staff Organization. The student members decided upon t-shirts and the organization conceptualized the school’s new tagline, “Building Character to Navigate Life’s Journey,” which is featured on the back of the t-shirts.

Additionally, they selected a symbol, the compass rose, and name, Jefferson Voyagers, to adorn the front of the t-shirts. Similar materials promoting this subject matter are posted on walls throughout the school. “We always look for new and engaging ways to bring students and staff together to promote positive beliefs, behaviors, ethics and morals. Involving students in this process provides the staff with valuable insight and infuses an element of authenticity into these efforts for which the rest of the students respond,” said Scott.





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