Helping You Help Others

August’s Charity of the Month:
Scanlon’s Traveling Salon


Eileen Scanlon, a Licensed Cosmetologist, whose mission is to cultivate a community based on kindness, respect and equality, runs Scanlon’s Traveling Salon. With its catchy slogan, Where Style Comes to You, Scanlon’s Traveling Salon serves an abundance of people across Long Island!

Eileen has a following of paying customers, but her real passion lies with helping those who are not able to afford a hair service. Eileen serves countless communities, including seniors at home, the home-confined, hospice, sober houses and those who are differently-abled.

She always travels to her customers so they can enjoy her services in the comfort of their home or living space, and she incorporates her love of social justice and advocacy into her business practice by using only vegan products. Another unique niche that her one-on-one personal service taps into is that she can accommodate those who may suffer with environmental allergies, negating a visit to a hair salon that has chemicals and sprays around. By traveling to her clients, Eileen can ensure that only products they feel comfortable with will surround them.

If you wish to get involved with Scanlon’s Traveling Salon, you can. Eileen is in need of an assistant hair stylist to volunteer their time with her organization. Also, if your non-profit is interested in bringing Scanlon’s services on board to help your clients in need, the opportunity is available.

Please contact Eileen today at 516.477.0469 for more information about volunteerism and her services. Also, visit her website at www.ScanlonsTravelingSalon.com, as well as her Facebook page, to learn more about her selfless organization.

“I personally feel it’s important to be a part of something bigger than myself; this is why I’m drawn to outreach and grassroots groups much like a moth to a light. If I can make one person’s day a little brighter, cheerier and, more importantly, make my clients feel great about themselves, then I’m the richest person in the world. My mother always told me that a smile is the closest distance between two people, and I live by this. Some people may find free haircuts in shelters to be rather trivial, but I can say wholeheartedly that during times of strife and feelings of personal defeat, the kindness of “this” stranger will more often than not put a smile on that person’s face prior to us parting ways.  When a person loves what they do, they will never work a day in their life!” ~ Eileen Scanlon

Helping You Help Others


Another Organization YOU Can Become Involved With . . .

Celebrate St. James ~ St. James, NY

Celebrate St. James is a local non-profit organization, which was created with the mission to preserve and celebrate St. James’ rich history, while inspiring an appreciation and knowledge of the arts in the community. They continue to work hard to make advancements toward becoming a cultural arts center, which the town once was. Through events such as free concerts, house and garden tours, comedy shows and more, they are very motivated to revive this town. They are currently in need of volunteer actors, dancers, singers, painters and MUCH more to participate in a theatrical production in October. If you would like to learn more about Celebrate St. James, view upcoming events or volunteer with this great organization, please visit their website or call 631.862.6198.


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