Helping You Help Others

By: Noelle Lambert


The Charity of the Month for May is:

Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA)


Bikers Against Child Abuse is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. BACA formed with the intent to create a safer environment for abused children. They exist as a body of bikers to empower children not to feel afraid of the world in which they live. They stand ready to lend support to their wounded friends by involving them with an established, united organization.

BACA works in conjunction with local and state officials who are already in place to protect children. BACA receives calls on their helpline (631-408-8218), which is taken by the Chapter Child Liaison. This member contacts the family and an initial visit is organized to meet the guardian and child at their home or another location.   Following this visit, two BACA members are assigned as “Primaries” to the child who remain available for contact 24/7/365. A ride is then organized for the members of the Chapter to meet the child. This is when a ceremony is performed to take the child into the BACA family, which is where the empowerment begins.

BACA supports each child according to their individual needs. Some services available for the child and their family include a physical presence at the home (24/7 if needed), visiting the child at school, escorting the child to and from court, and they even maintain a therapy fund for children needing assistance.

The members of BACA are all volunteers that do not receive payment of any kind, and they also pay for all their own expenses. They will tell you their payment is far more significant than money. Their payment is seeing first hand how their involvement empowers children and contributes to their healing.

If you are interested in becoming a BACA member you must meet certain requirements. Some of them are that you have regular access to a motorcycle, are 18 years or older, can pass an NCIC fingerprint check, can attend monthly meetings and Chapter events and that you have a desire to help abused children. If you meet the basic criteria, you can eventually become a “Cleared Supporter”, which is when you are assigned a Patched Member as your “Sponsor”. This member guides you through extensive training, which goes on for a minimum of at least one year before you can be considered eligible to become a full Patched Member.

Their meetings are held the second Sunday of every month (unless it’s a Holiday) at the American Legion Hall in Bohemia at 9:00 a.m. If you have any questions at all, please contact the Long Island Chapter Vice President and Public Relations Officer (Big D) at bigd@li-ny.bacaworld.org.


Helping You Help Others

Another Organization You Can Get Involved With:


The Social Brain



            The Social Brain is a non-profit organization that provides individuals with brain injuries an opportunity to build friendships through socialization and reduced isolation. This organization allows survivors and their families to engage in monthly events of interests such as sports programs, bowling, baseball games, art paint nights, nature walks and picnics. Their Board is comprised of survivors, families and professionals of multiple disciplines that include: Music, Occupational, Physical, Recreational and Speech Therapy Staff. Please email TheSocialBrainNY@gmail.com or call the organization at (631) 793-4311 for additional information or to see how you can become involved.


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