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February’s Charity of the Month is:

Paws of War



“Helping Both Ends of the Leash”

Paws of War is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that trains and places shelter dogs to serve and provide independence to our U.S. military Veterans who suffer from the emotional effects of war. In turn, each Veteran can experience the therapeutic and unconditional love that only a companion animal can bring! Since 2014, Paws of War has supported over 100 Veterans with service dogs rescued from kill shelters.

As explained in my previous articles, Paws of War offers many different services to our Veterans. In addition to those services, this organization runs various programs which gives those in our community the opportunity to get involved.

Their Youth Program aims to develop the character of our nation’s youth. A critical part of what Paws of War does with this program is sharing stories of their Veterans and their dogs to inspire and motivate children. This character development based program will provide students opportunities to explore the concepts of courage, patriotism, sacrifice, integrity and humility, and how these values can be exemplified in daily life!

Paws of War also allows their community to get involved through Community Fundraising Events. They feel their supporters are full of great ideas for raising funds and awareness! Some examples of events you can host to benefit this organization are: Bowling Nights, Bake Sales, Concerts, 5K/10K Walks, or even a Themed Dinner! If you would like to organize a fundraiser to benefit Paws of War, please let them know by registering your event on their website! They will let you know when your event has been approved and then they will support your fundraising efforts in various ways, such as by sending you a fundraising tool kit and event posters!

Lastly, you can get involved with their Corporate or Non-Profit Partnership Program. The commitment and financial support from their partners is critical to their organization’s success. You can partner with them in a number of ways, such as arranging a sponsorship/co-sponsorship event or through cross-promotional marketing!

As this organization relies heavily on donations and devoted volunteers to continue providing all they offer, please call their office at (631) 406-6595 if you would like to donate or become involved in any way. Additionally, if you are a Veteran and believe you can benefit from any of their services, please contact Paws of War…they are here to serve you! Thank you for serving our great nation.


Another Organization You Can Get Involved With:


Guardians of Rescue



The Guardians of Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is located in Smithtown. They are comprised of members who work tirelessly to protect the well being of all animals and to come to the aid of those in distress. The Guardians are keenly aware that there is no shortage of animal neglect and abuse in our world. Their goal is to help in as many ways as possible to make sure animals are always taken care of. This organization runs multiple campaigns and programs (see a full list on their website). If you know of a situation where an animal, or animals, are in need of help, please contact Guardians of Rescue at their toll free number: (888) 287-3864. Also, if you are interested in volunteering with or donating to this non-profit, the opportunity is available!


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