Helping You Help Others

By: Noelle Lambert


February’s Charity of the Month is:

Paws of War

“Helping Both Ends of the Leash”

Paws of War is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that trains and places shelter dogs to serve and provide independence to our U.S. military Veterans who suffer from the emotional effects of war. In turn, each Veteran can experience the therapeutic and unconditional love that only a companion animal can bring! Since 2014, Paws of War has supported over 100 Veterans with service dogs rescued from kill shelters.

The Paws of War Service Dog Program relies heavily on the support of their community and volunteers. Through this program they are able to provide service dogs and their training to Veterans in need at no cost, truly providing them with a miracle! A service dog can help combat the daily symptoms of PTSD. They are trained to pick up stress signals and intervene with their owner to direct their focus back to a positive environment. They can also greatly increase the quality of life for someone suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury. Paws of War trains service dogs to combat the daily issues that someone suffering from TBI has. Each service dog given out is intensely trained before handed off to the Veteran.

The lives of many American Heroes have been changed forever because of what this organization has done for them!

Below is a list of more services that Paws of War offers to Veterans in addition to their Service Dog Program:

Therapy Dog Program – This is a volunteer based program in which certified Therapy Dogs are brought to visit individuals that would benefit from a dog, but unfortunately cannot have one at the time being.

War Torn Pups Program – This program has brought back dogs from Afghanistan, Syria and Jordan that Service Members have found while out on tour.

Community Education Program – This program allows Paws of War to work with members of their local community. Through this program, they are able to provide a direct connection between Veterans and the younger population.

Vets to Vets Medical RV – This mobile RV provides certain medical services for service animals at no cost to Veterans!

Paws of War is growing and has been recognized by national leaders, national press and some of the larger sporting franchises have even partnered with them to sponsor a dog. The men and women that this organization provides services for have dedicated their lives to serving our great country, and Paws of War strives to help them in every way possible!

As this organization relies heavily on donations and devoted volunteers to continue providing the services they offer, please call their office at (631) 406-6595 or visit their website, if you would like to donate or volunteer as well!

Helping You Help Others


Another Organization You Can Get Involved With:

Patchogue Rotary Animal Assisted Therapy


PRAAT is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was incorporated in 1993 as a community service project of the Patchogue Rotary Club. Veterinarian Dr. David Roy Hensen founded this organization with a belief in the therapeutic potential of dogs! PRAAT screens, trains and evaluates all dog-handler teams (the volunteer and their dog). Upon a successful completion of the PRAAT dog-handler team training, teams become eligible to make visits at over 150 of their contracted and insured facilities across Long Island. PRAAT also runs a Doggie Reading Club. This program is designed to encourage children to improve confidence with their reading skills, while the handler-dog team provides a fun and de-stressing component! If you are interested in donating, volunteering, sponsoring or scheduling a visit to your facility, please call (631) 207-9325.

If you would like your organization to be featured in this column, please e-mail Noelle@SouthBaysNeighbor.com!


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