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Help Save The Great South Bay This Holiday Season

We all know that a healthy, clean Great South Bay is not only home to an entire eco-system but is also essential to a strong, vibrant economy on Long Island. Unfortunately our creeks are clogged, blocked, dammed and forgotten, allowing destructive algae to grow and prohibiting ancient fish runs to spawn and live in their native habitat.  In addition, storm water run-off adds even more pollutants. Non-native plants along the creeks add to the problem by reducing filtration and available habitat our local wildlife. 

For the last five years, Save the Great South Bay has worked hard to defend our creeks and protect the Great South Bay.

They do this in three specific ways:

  • The Creek Defender Program – They identify a Creek Defender to be a local steward in each of the 16 South Shore communities along the Great South Bay. In turn, they partner with volunteers from local organizations such as the Rotary, Lions & Kiwanis Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, school organizations such as Student Council, Leo Club, and Science Honor Societies, Scouts, our local governments and other environmental organizations, to conduct regular Community Creek Clean Ups. 
  • Native Planting Restoration – Their unique native planting program allows volunteers to connect with the soil.  They replace invasive species and turf grass, which do little to filter nitrogen and other contaminants, with native plants that require minimal maintenance, naturally filter the water, and are home to our local birds, insects and other wildlife.
  • Community Coalition Building – They facilitate collaboration among environmental groups and the public to own the issues.  They advocate for laws and policies that directly affect water quality on Long Island including the speedy implementation of 21st Century wastewater infrastructure

Each year, their programs, both along the creek beds and inside meeting rooms, directly impact over 750,000 South Shore residents. They understand that is their duty to protect and preserve our beloved Great South Bay for generations to enjoy for years to come. 

This holiday season, consider visiting and empowering them to continue their efforts to Save The Great South Bay by supporting their organization! Every donation, large or small, is much appreciated and will go directly to support their efforts.

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