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Grammy Award Winner and Farmingdale Alumni Tim Kubart Performs Concert at Elementary School

Grammy Award winning musician Tim Kubart returned to his hometown elementary school—Woodward Parkway in Farmingdale— to give a very special performance to the K-1 student body on Friday, December 14.

“This is the best thing we do all year,” said Mr. Kubart. “It’s an absolute party and everyone has such a good time.” All the young Dalers were super excited to see him. They danced and sang along to his songs with great enthusiasm.

Last year at this time, Tim and his bandmates set up a recording session at Woodward Parkway, and worked with music teacher Stephanie Hass and her third-grade chorus students to record background vocal tracks for a song titled “We are Growing.” That song was included on his new album, Building Blocks, which just earned him a 2019 Grammy Nomination for Best Children’s Album. Tim was delighted to share the news (and the nomination) with the now fourth-grade students whom he reconnected with after the concert.

This was his fourth annual concert at Woodward Parkway Elementary School. This time, he invited Ms. Haas to join him on stage to sing “We are Growing.” The kids loved it!

Mr. Kubart said Building Blocks is inspired by his happy memories from his years attending Woodward Parkway. His first album, Home, won the 2016 Grammy for Best Children’s Album. For four years he was the Host/Writer/Producer of Sunny Side Up on NBCUniversal’s Sprout Channel. Currently, he’s a cast member in Post Modern Jukebox, and hosts a spin-off called Post Modern Juicebox. Mr. Kubart also hosts a podcast for Highlights Magazine, and came out with his first children’s book, Oopsie-do! this past May.



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